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Fertility Reflexology Course

Reflexology & Conception– 2 day training 

Auckland Reflexology Clinic is pleased to offer you a really fascinating Fertility Reflexology course for qualified reflexologists. This course is for Reflexologists who have a passion for helping couples try to conceive and would like to transform their practice.

A thorough workshop designed for reflexologists who wish to explore safe techniques for working with women who are trying to conceive.  Our theory session will look at the process of conception and numerous issues that may affect it. The practical session will look at lifestyle advice and safe techniques that that can be adapted and applied to both men and women to help enhance fertility and conception.

Duration: This is a two-day training course offered over two Sundays 10am – 4pm. You will study theory in the morning and practical in the afternoon. A certificate of attendance will be provided on completion. 


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Support the fertility client with Reflexology, particularly those with    a diagnosis of unexplained infertility as well as learning techniques to support those clients undergoing Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) – IVF incl IVF (PDG), ICSI, IUI, FET or Clomid.
  2. Have a knowledge of factors that may affect a couple’s ability to conceive. How it affects emotionally and physically the client and her partner. 
  3. The treatment options available for the diagnosis of infertility for both the male and female.
  4. Discuss how Reflexology can help the client.
  5. Perform a repro-assessment and practical tools and techniques
  6. Have gained experience of techniques that can be used on clients
  7. Fertility treatment protocols for different weeks of menstrual cycle and various conditions (irregular periods, PCOS, progesterone issues, endometriosis, fibroids etc.)
  8. Be aware of lifestyle and nutrition advice that may be given to couples
  9. Be aware of how these techniques can be safely and effectively used on an individual client basis
  10. Recognise and signpost the client for additional support

Course Overview:

The course is divided into a theory session to cover relevant and up-to-date information on issues around conception.  The practical session will focus on techniques to be used to support couples trying to conceive.

Day 1– Pre-conceptual Care Program

Day1 of the course covers understanding the basic causes of fertility difficulties in both men and women, identifying ovulation, medical tests undertaken by clients, and how to work with fertility and sub fertility:

  1. Introduction to Fertility Reflexology
  2. Information gathering – client questionnaire
  3. Understanding the menstrual cycle
  4. Lifecycle of a sperm cell
  5. Ovulation – timing and anomalies
  6. What affects our fertility – causes and diseases
  7. Diagnostic tools – orthodox and complementary 
  8. Diet and Nutrition and its role
  9. Endocrine and reproductive balancing
  10. Tools and Techniques

Day 2 – The Assisted Conception Program

Day 2 focuses entirely on working with medicated cycles, IUI and IVF:

  1. Diagnostic Testing
  2. Emotional Aspects to Consider
  3. Clomid
  4. Intrauterine Insemination
  5. In Vitro Fertilisation
  6. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection 
  7. Reflexology and its Role
  8. When to Treat and when NOT to Treat 
  9. Schedule of Treatments
  10. Tools and Techniques

Venue: to be announced (central Auckland with free parking)

Each course is limited to a small group to guarantee you will receive plenty of individual attention in a warm, friendly and supportive environment.

Your Investment:  $399 (incl. gst)

Dates: 15 & 22 August  and  12 &19 September

(you can express the interest and I will inform of other dates)

Contact: To book or for more information email Julia Mandle on  or phone 027 372 5451