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Giving the meaningful gift of relaxation to your loved one…..

Are you looking for a unique gift or experience for your friend or your loved ones? I have a few options I can offer :

  • ♥️ Classical Reflexology Gift Voucher –a relaxing natural therapy which helps balance the body and promotes relaxation. $90
  • ♥️ Ayurvedic Reflexology (with hot oil) Gift Voucher- a highly relaxing Indian Reflexology uses hot Ayurvedic oil and a metal Kasa Bowl to help relax and harmonise the entire body & mind.  $100
  • ♥️ Maternity Reflexology Gift Voucher would be great if you are looking for a special gift for a soon-to-be mum. $90
  • ♥️ Fertility Reflexology Gift Voucher is a specialised form of reflexology aimed at pre-conceptual care. $90
  • ♥️ Indian Head Massage Gift Voucher – a deeply relaxing head massage $90
  • ♥️ Reiki Gift Voucher- for someone who is looking for relaxaition an improved sense of wellbeing. $90